Digital Marketing Needs Creative People like Grammer

Digital Marketing Needs Creative People like Grammer

In recent years, digital marketing firms have been on the hunt for creative’s like Grammer to revitalize their brand with fresh ideas. Even business owners in other industries, including technical fields, have recognized the benefits of having creative individuals on their team. Vocational research has shown that the benefits of employing creative’s produces a substantial ROI, as they are able to solve problems more effectively, network with other professionals, and collaborate on innovative projects that can help grow your brand.

Grammer’s ability to think outside the box, may in part stem from his passion for creative hobbies. In addition to spending his pastime cheering on sporting events, working out, and watching films, Grammer is a self-proclaimed comic book aficionado. In fact, his collection of over 30,000 comics, including some of the earliest editions of Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and X-men, is valued over $200k.

But if you thought comic books were reserved only for geeks, you’d better get rid of that mentality. As Grammer and other business successes have proven, comic book enthusiasts make the best business people. This is because your brain must create meaning from multiple modalities when you read comics, including texts and graphics, forcing you to think critically and improve your literacy skills and sense of creativity.

In addition to reading comics, Grammer also enjoys other types of books, citing his favorite book as John Maxwell’s Winning with People. For decades, researchers have confirmed that reading truly does make your smarter, but as proven by Kotton Grammer, it makes you more creative too. In fact, Grammer admits that if money weren’t a concern, he would quit his day job and just stay at home creating and reading comics.

Fortunately for website owners, however, this young digital marketing guru is a long way away from retirement, and his multimillion dollar SEO agency is on the fast track to even greater success. Other digital marketing agencies have been struggling to keep up with Grammer’s pace, searching for other creative’s to help boost their brand. Though Grammer admits that the industry supports an environment that lacks human contact, the freedom that he has with his job allows him to apply his creativity in new and interesting ways. Grammer himself admits that his greatest fear is failure, and perhaps even worse than that—falling into mediocrity.

As it stands, it seems unlikely that Grammer’s fears will become a reality, as his brand continues to receive an influx of influential clients, and his personal life is draped in elite luxury. Those who know Grammer personally say that he is an intense individual, who can’t seem to go a day without music—but those are just some of the qualities that make him such a talented creative mind.

At its heart, digital marketing is a creative field that requires innovative thinkers to come up with the bright ideas that can help a business stand out from competitors. Even in the world of SEO, which sometimes relies on technical strategies, Grammer has proven that creativity truly is the key to success.